Coaching is about Possibilities! 
Can you Imagine them taking place in your life Now?

•  Are you ready to tap into your inner strengths?

•  Awaken your creativity?
•  Unleash your spirit?
•  And take action on your desire?
•  Are you looking for a new path?
•  Ready to change course in your life?
•  Maybe in a situation that could be a lot better?
•  Do you have your dreams and goals but holding them in your heart  
knowing the next step?

Are you not sure how to begin making your dreams come true and wish someone would be holding your hand in every step you take?
Have you had your plans for a while but it’s just not moving forward quickly or hitting blocks and feeling tired, frustrated and overwhelmed?

Are you working too hard and produce very little?
Do you know your strengths, powers and unlimited potentiality?
Do you know how much more you worth than what you think?
If any or all of these happen to you, we are pleased you have found us!
We help individuals who are Self Driven and Highly Motivated to reach their goals in a way that is making a difference in their lives and in the world.  We help companies and organizations thrive in their line of business, hire the most resilient people for the job, work under pressure with mental clarity, creativity and intuition, and thrive in profitability.
The personal attributes of the most successful people including chairpersons, CEOs and any successful individual include the seven instrumental qualities:

Intellectual Curiosity and Continuous Learning
Self-awareness and Humility
Dispassionate Compassion

If these qualities are present in your life, great!  In not, then you definitely qualify for enhancing, strengthening and inspiring your personality through our:

Drs. Aretoula and Bill Fullam provide leading edge

Cognitive Coaching
Solution Focused Coaching
Performance Coaching
Health Coaching
Business Intuition Coaching
Stress Management
Developing Resilience
Relaxation Skills
Dynamic Meditation & Mindfulness
Understanding Health and Well-being
Assertion & Communication Skills
Creative Problem-Solving
Mind/Body Connection

The focus is on:

Stress Management
Mind Development and Mental Structures
Developing Resilience
Developing Leadership Skills
Health, Flourishing and Well-being
Enhancing Performance
Mental and Physical Relaxation

Our Program

Drs. Aretoula and Bill Fullam specialize in solution / strengths focused cognitive and behavior coaching and stress management models – an evidence based approach in subjective education to enhance performance, cognitive skills, reduce stress and improve well-being of employees, managers and people from all walks of life.

We provide organizations, entrepreneurs and people from all walks of life leading edge recognized and accredited coaching programs suitable for employees, managers and anyone who is highly motivated to move forward in life with success.

Our Center for Coaching is an institute of leadership, cognitive development, business intuition, a success development provider offering a wide range of programs and individual and group courses and workshops.

Our focus on Coaching and management development includes courses and subjective education on stress management, assertion and communication skills, relaxation skills, dynamic meditation expertise, developing resilience, time management, decision-making, creative problem-solving, business intuition, health and well-being and flourishing at the individual and organization level.

We can provide a range of training from short two-day workshops through five-day programs/workshops and university approved coaching services on many topics.

Drs. Aretoula and Bill Fullam leading experts in their field can conduct a range of training courses within your organization.  These can focus on a range of topics from Coaching, Mentoring, Stress Management and Dynamic Meditation, Enhancing Performance, Superior Focus and Concentration, Health and Well-being, Creativity, Goal Vision, or Assertion Workshops.  We can also conduct a number of more specific workshops on a range of subjects, see seminar page Seminars

We are Drs. Aretoula and Bill Fullam and our enthusiasm and mission in life is to help people like you recognize their inner powers, strengths and potentiality and act upon them with ease, enthusiasm, positive psychology theory and coaching psychology concepts to thrive, shine and glow in their lives, business and relations.
We are sharing with you profound insights, and hold your hand in a step-by-step process that works smoothly taking you a step higher at a time as you are on the ladder of ascending to higher and higher levels of achievement, self actualization and human potential.
We are coaching and mentoring people like you who have a strong desire, belief, and expectancy to succeed in their lives and live their dreams, here and now.
Are you ready for this Golden opportunity to be coached and mentored to live with resilience and skills of leadership that will never disappoint you?
Are you ready to tap into this unlimited potential that you carry within you?
Are you ready to glow?
…Are you ready to take the Next Step?
Call us for a complementary coaching session!  You will never regret you did!