•    Navigating The Spheres of Excellence as Science and Art
This seminar involves basic and essential training in learning to manage stress effectively, develop mental clarity and make correct decisions with a clear mind.  The seminar focuses on the development of resiliency to handle and manage effectively physical stressors, development of constructive skills to cope effectively with psychological stress; freedom from mental clutter. negative thoughts, beliefs and self-talk; development of inner balance, emotional balance, problem-solving, creative thinking and decision-making.  By the end of the seminar participants gain an increased awareness of their body-mind-spirit connection and an enhanced mental discipline to administer positive changes in their personal and professional lives.

•    Resilient Character: Inspired Leadership
This seminar involves exploration of a wide variety of issues related to resiliency, building character with solid skills in self empowerment, character strengths, leadership skills, authenticity, wellness, ethical and moral conduct, multi-dimensional level dynamics and Positive Psychology.  The participant leaves the seminar refocused, inspired and an expanded awareness in what is possible.

•    Inner Wisdom: Recreate Your Inner Secure Base and Internal Working Model
From a systems multiple levels of intelligence integrated with personality and psycho-spiritual perspectives, this seminar explores the dynamics and faculties of the authentic, spiritually awakened personality, and renewed, refocused and creative mind.   Through achieving a state of inner tranquility and peacefulness the body rejuvenates, the mind calms, and the soul becomes liberated, inspired and creative; the tranquil mind is free from the inner noisy talk and repetitive thoughts and gains clarity that enables participants to remove unproductive thoughts and negative emotionality, re-evaluate and recreate their internal working model establishing a secure and confident inner level of compassionate and authentic integrated self.   

•    Enhancing Life and Restoring Health and Well-Being
This seminar is focused in maximizing inner wisdom and human resiliency to heal.  It empowers participants through information, and education to enhance life and restore health.  People learn to manage stress, strengthen the immune system, promote healthy circulation, balance the endocrine system, and learn a hands-on experiential procedure of objective and subjective exercises to enhance and speed-up healing, well-being and health at all levels.  The serene and nurturing environment allows the immune system to harmonize and regain its natural ability to fight illness.  The program participants have a deeper understanding of the root cause of the health issues and are empowered to participate and direct their healing with regained zest and enthusiasm for life.

•    Developing Leaders in Mind, Body and Spirit
This seminar is focusing specifically in children ages 7 to 12 and provides the necessary guidance to develop mental skills, self- confidence and assertiveness in a challenging world. It provides powerful mental techniques and an easy to practice methodology to handle and cope with change, eliminate anxiety, depression, fear, anger, hostility, bullying and guilt.  Dr. Fullam teaches her step-by-step approach in a powerful but playful manner so that children achieve a greater sense of worth and purpose, advancement from simple to highly complex challenging situations that helps children develop a sound personality not affected by peer pressure, manipulative information (e.g. propaganda, marketing), and victimization.  Dr. Fullam has studied and researched John Bowlby's Theory of secure and insecure development and helps children and young adults re-establish their internal working model with security and resilience.

    •    Self-Empowerment for Business Entrepreneurs
The Self-Empowerment for Business Entrepreneurs Workshop is specifically designed and tailored for the business people of today's world.  Participants learn how to control tensions, which are a part of daily work life and to eliminate the accompanying stress, anxiety performance and negative emotionality. Cognitive clarity, improvement of memory retention, concentration and recall, is also accomplished.  Specific techniques are presented in clear and concise manner to use in problem-solving and decision-making using psychological and behavioral techniques with cognitive control, mental clarity while remaining focused and calm.  An additional part of this workshop, which could be termed the most important facet, is the development of the superior intuitive sense or business intuition. This factor alone aids in the right decision-making. Those who take the course will benefit by developing better salesmanship, enthusiasm in selling, positive character traits, better Human Relations with customers, colleagues and employees, confidence and a better self-image, which will in turn make a public relations man out of each employee or executive.

    •    Becoming an Artist With Goals: A Master Mind Experience
Based on the new scientific finding in Motivation Science and Goal Achievement, this workshop is designed for anyone who is looking to be more successful reaching their own goals, or interested in helping others to be more effective in reaching their goals.  Often people know what they want in life but do not know how to themselves to take action, or where to begin from.  The back and forth steps are frustrating and very often leading to disappointment and push the goal out of sight but not out of mind.  The science of making lasting changes is very easy when the approach is changed.  If we only act from a different platform the focus totally changes to empowerment, enthusiasm, inspiration, creativity and the result is at hand.  In this workshop you will l earn strategies that will not only empower and enable you to reach your own personal and professional goals more effectively, but also help others.  The method is easy and the results powerful with mind mastery.

    •    Slender, Fit and Fabulous: Weight Reduction Strategies
This workshop is not only for those who want to reach their ideal weight, but for all who have a desire to maintain their ideal weight.  Physical exercise, gyms, and dieting are not the only means to reduce weight.  Adding mental exercise makes the process more attractive, easier and almost effortless.  Believe in the power of your mind, visualize the results on your mental theater and see them in your mirror.

    •    Stress Management in Busy Times: Finding Calmness and Serenity even in a Chaotic World
If you notice that your sleep quality is disturbed, your headaches are frequent, your anxiety is prolonged, your sadness is overwhelming, then it could be that all these are the result of a highly stressful life.  Stress can also result in inability to stay focused or to concentrate, inability to make a decision or to think clearly.  In our fast pace life, high technology running themes, we find little time to relax and connect with our inner wisdom.  If this is your daily experience, then we offer you the solution.  Manage stress effectively.  In as fast as five, ten or fifteen minutes of practicing dynamic meditation, you will be able to relax you body, strengthen your mind, and regain harmony and balance.  

    •    Mindfulness and Creative Visualization for Everyday Living and Well-Being
This workshop is based on scientific findings that meditation and mindfulness are calming the mind and rejuvenating the body.  You will learn easy techniques to relax your body and mind and enhance your visualization and imagination;  techniques such as eliminating pain (acute and chronic), and headaches (tension and migraine).  

    •    Speed Learning, Enhanced Concentration and Top Grades for College Students
This is a workshop for people who have a desire to improve their ability to learn fast with enhanced concentration and recall ability.  The ability to have a tranquil mind to absorb any material and the use of visualization will enable any student and adult who is serious about learning, to learn fast, to remember everything they read and to ace any exam they take.  Dr. Fullam will reveal the secrets she used throughout her academic career to learn the material with ease and get in every exam a big A.

    •    Self-Discipline: The Most Powerful Step To Living The Life of Your Dreams
Scientific studies abound in researching human potential, positive psychology, manifesting dreams and wellness.  As soon as you make fundamental changes at the mental level you realize that your dreams and goals are coming to you faster, easier and with less effort.  This workshop shows you the 7 steps and puts the key in your hands for further use, so that future goals and aspirations will not be difficult to achieve in any area in your life you need to make a change. Self-Disipline can be named 'The Golden Key' in your hand and did you know that it is more important than self-esteem?   

    •    Taming Executive Stress
Stress interferes with everything in life and affects negatively decision-making, creative problem-solving, and physical, emotional and mental well-being.  At the end of the day the Executive feels like a run-on carpet.  Such work related stress is seriously affecting not only the individual executive but also the organization's optimal performance, productivity and profitability.  Stress cripples the person and the organization.  This workshop helps the human capital of the organization to regain control of their life, thinking and performance to a level that productivity increases, profits soar and the human capital remains focused and productive even under stress.  Business Intuition can help create better investments, products and even open new markets. The workshop can take place at a hotel setting or at the organization's premises.