I could not have worked with a better coach over the last year or so.  I first met Dr. Fullam when I took the Silva Mind Control Class.  I was so excited about everything I had learned from the class, but felt like I needed a little extra help in applying what I had learned.  At the time I started the coaching, I was pretty miserable in just about every aspect of my life.  I think the worst part was that I felt like life was just hopeless and that’s a pretty dark place to be.  Dr. Fullam was there for me every step of the way, often going way above and beyond to help and support me.  I cannot say enough about her style of coaching and the level of commitment that I experienced.  As I worked with Dr. Fullam, things fell into place in a way that I would not have believed before my Silva class & her coaching.

What I’ve learned from Dr. Fullam has changed my life and I can’t speak highly enough about her abilities to teach, to coach, and to care.

~ Lisa W.

Dear Dr. Fullam,
It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to have you as a coach over the past few months. Through our work together, I feel much more energized, focused and prepared for the challenges of continuing to discover and create the next chapter of my life.

As a certified coach, I could identify with and truly appreciate the professional manner in which you conducted our sessions. Guided by your empowering and thought provoking questions, I felt totally in control of the agenda and in scoping and creating the outcomes that would work best for me.  Your insights following my answers and our discussions were invaluable in making me think further, and develop and carryout my between session assignments. All of which contributed to making this a very rewarding experience for me.

As additional bonus for me as a Silva Graduate, I was able to get insights into how to make use of the Silva tools and techniques at my disposal to maximize my results.

I heartily endorse and recommend you as a coach of the highest calibre.  I feel more enriched having worked with you and look forward to the potential of working together again in the future.

Better and better!

Sincerely and with highest regards,

Gene Fucetola 


My life changed the moment I walked into your workshop. It started with you and your presents, it continued with you teaching us how to use our own energy, power and love and it continues every day in my life when I meditate and be grounded and centered in Alpha. The tool you taught me to use is powerful and enriches my life every day.

Yes, I do have days and times where I am challenged, in many different way. Being patient and trusting are just two of them. But I learned over time that what you believe in and trust will happen when its the right time and thing for you.

I learned that even though I might not understand in the moment why something is not happening, or happening in a different way than I wanted it, one day I will look back and understand it all.

Going to alpha every day is an experience, a tool, a lifestyle I can not see myself living without anymore.

Thank you for teaching me, believing in me and making me get better and better everyday.

Thank you,
July 31, 2011